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Ukraine's Foreign Policy 2013


The publication of the Annual Strategic Review «Foreign Policy of Ukraine-2013: Strategic Assessments, Forecasts and Priorities» by the Foreign Policy Research Institute has become a well-established event. It attracts great attention from Ukrainian experts, diplomats, and politicians and from the broader international community – everyone who is keen to know more about the current and future prospects of Ukraine’s foreign policy. This edition is unique because it provides unbiased analysis of international events, foreign policy decisions, successes and problems in the implementation of the country’s foreign policy course in 2013.

The value of this Annual Strategic Review lies in the way it enables the readers to assess the effectiveness of the implementation of Ukraine’s foreign policy interests in the international arena, as well as to define these interests in different regions of the world. It covers the challenges and trends that became apparent in the international community and foreign policy of Ukraine in 2013. The publication provides a comprehensive assessment of Ukraine’s place and role in regional and global security systems.

The publication provides a comprehensive analysis of economic and security aspects of Ukraine’s foreign policy course, analyses its strategic direction, provides detailed characteristics of the status of Ukraine-Russia relations and trends for their further development, and it provides recommendations for solving a number of problems and achieving the objectives of European integration of Ukraine.

The Annual Strategic Review also examines and assesses Ukraine’s bilateral relations. It provides information on the status of key bilateral relations, for example, the development of cooperation with the leading EU Member States, the USA and Canada, Russia and the countries that are regional leaders in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Asian and Pacific Region.

The Annual Strategic Review combined scientific analysis in the form of conclusions and evaluations by outstanding specialists in international affairs, and information materials.

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