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ANALYSIS OF THE ASSESSMENT QUESTIONNAIRES OF THE «INTERNATIONAL WEEKLY», prepared by the Foreign Policy Research Institute in 2019 (Ukraine -EU relations)

In order to establish feedback with the readers of "International Weekly", in December 2019 they were sent a questionnaire (in Ukrainian and English) with a request to assess the quality of analytical materials, as well as to report what topics readers would like to see on the pages of "International Weekly" in 2020. Questions were also asked about the level of awareness of readers of "International Weekly" with the subject of Foreign Policy of Ukraine, its cooperation with the EU, as well as the effectiveness of analytical materials of the FPRI to increase such awareness.

 In 2019, the staff of the Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) prepared and published 23 issues of "International Weekly" with an operational analysis of topical issues of Foreign Policy of Ukraine, first of all, the Resistance to Russian hybrid war and the development of relations with the European Union and other important partners.

In the analysis of the EU-Ukraine relations, main focus was on topics:

  • Russia's return to the PACE;
  • Is it important to consolidate the course to the EU and NATO in the Constitution of Ukraine?
  • Victory of the pro-European forces in the elections to the European Parliament;
  • The Ukraine-EU mini-summit in Brussels confirmed the commitment of european leaders to Ukraine;
  • Donald Tusk’s working visit confirms deep respect for Ukraine;
  • Why did Volodymyr Zelensky visited Baltic states?

Analysis of the Assessment Questionnaires leaded to the following conclusions:

1. Most readers of International Weekly rated their awareness of the topic "Ukraine-EU relations" as "good". 22% of respondents rated their knowledge "very good" and 14 % "not very good".

2. To improve knowledge on the topic "Ukraine-EU relations", respondents said that they consider the materials of "International Weekly" useful.