Foreign Policy Research Institute

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Foreign Policy Research Institute

tel. +38 (044) 287 52 58

About Institute

Foreign Policy Research Institute was founded in 2006 to conduct scientific research in the area of international relations, foreign policy, and international security.

Major objectives of the Institute include the following:

  • Comprehensive research The Foreign policy of Ukraine;

  • Development of conceptual principles The Foreign policy of Ukraine, preparation of practical recommendations and forecasts on addressing pressing problems of contemporary international relations and foreign policy of Ukraine, as well as promotion of transparency and predictability of Ukrainian foreign policy;
  • Formation of positive international image of Ukraine on international arena.

Priority areas of scientific research of the Institute:

  • Conceptual foundations of Ukraine's foreign policy;

  • Implementation strategy for Euroatlantic and European integration policy course of Ukraine;
  • Foreign policy strategy of Ukraine in its relations with Russian Federation;
  • Concept of the foreign policy course of Ukraine with regard to its strategic partners;
  • International conflicts and problems of their settlement;
  • International security;
  • Control over armament, disarmament, and non-proliferation.

Major forms of institute activity:

  • Conducting of scientific research both upon own initiative and on order of state institutions of Ukraine;

  • Development and realization of scientific projects;
  • Expert assessment of both national and international draft laws and regulations in the area of foreign policy and international security;
  • Publication of monographs and analytical reports;
  • Conducting of conferences, public lectures, seminars, and round tables;
  • Publication of the Annual strategic review "Foreign Policy: Strategic Assessments, Forecasts, and Priorities" and Quarterly publication "International review".

International cooperation

The Institute maintains close cooperation with both national and international think tanks and research institutions. It is involved in international research projects and activities in the area of international policy and security, as well as originates vital international initiatives. One of the major Institute's objectives in the area of international cooperation includes the establishment of close interaction with foreign think tanks and research institutions.