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Russia has lost the information battle for the minds of the international community and Ukrainians

Photo: Russian children suffering from cancer lined up in the shape of Z letter, in support of Russia's war against Ukraine. Source: Kommersant

In the information dimension, Ukraine prevails over the aggressor state. Previously, a number of non-governmental organizations were mostly involved in the information struggle. Now, thousands of Ukrainians coordinate the information support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and fight the enemy by blocking enemy profiles, websites, informing the public about fakes and helping the armed forces by passing information on the movement of enemy equipment. The support of the international community played an important role. Elon Musk has provided access to the Starlink satellite Internet. The hacker network Anonymus systematically organizes cyber-attacks on state websites and television of the Russian Federation. Ukrainian music played for hours on Russian TV channels and videos of Russian crimes in Ukraine were broadcasted. Also, Ukrainian experts demonstrated their skills by hacking the Kremlin's website and publishing the contact details of its employees. Ukraine is also likely receiving support from NATO member states.

Russia has lost the battle for the minds of the international community and Ukrainians, but is still successfully promoting its propaganda on state television. Russian channels are imposed in captured Ukrainian cities. Also, Russian bots are actively working in online communities of Ukrainian cities, pretending to be local, they are trying to investigate the situation on the ground and misinform. Until now, the fake that the Russian military allegedly did not know where they were sent has not been dispelled. When crossing the border, each unit receives a task that must be completed. Documents seized from the occupiers expose the Kremlin's intentions to seize Ukraine. The military formations of the armed forces of the Russian Federation were given tasks and knew where and what they were going to do, and their words about the lack of information about the offensive are a legend in case of their captivity. In recent days, the Ukrainian military has captured many enemy soldiers, including pilots. They all say that they «did not know where they were going and that they did not want to fight». However, fighter and bomber pilots cannot help but know that the attack is being carried out on a peaceful city, residential buildings, and civilian infrastructure. According to Inform Napalm volunteers, it is naive to believe that the Russians are deliberately burning fuel and dropping air bombs in the field so as not to kill Ukrainians. As for tankmen, fuel consumption increases many times over in winter. When the tank runs out of fuel somewhere in the middle of the forest, there are two options - either you can stay in the field near the tank and wait until Javelin hits you. Or run to hide in the nearest forest. The same applies to pilots who allegedly drop bombs not on peaceful objects, but somewhere in the field, so as not to bomb peaceful Ukrainians. Why a pilot might not to drop a bomb? When an aircraft faces air defense systems, it has to maneuver. The plane can bomb several times, and then the pilot runs out of fuel, and in order to reach the base, the pilot drops a bomb in the field to make the plane lighter.[1] Therefore, stories about peaceful soldiers of the occupying forces are not true.

The Russian government has banned protests against the war with Ukraine at the legislative level and suppresses any criticism of military aggression. At schools, children are told about Ukrainian Nazis and "Russian liberators." Propaganda animated films are created for children. Websites and unwanted media are blocked.

Photo: A picture from the Russian anti-Ukrainian cartoon for children
Source: Анюта Румянцева YouTube channel

Content analysis of Russian social networks shows that the Russian propaganda machine meets the demands of the Russian people, most of whom either support aggression against Ukraine or are neutral, complaining not about the death of Ukrainians, but the inability to buy an iPhone or BMW parts. Putin, who says he is «solving the Ukrainian question», speaks with a slogan that Hitler used against Jews. Russian fascism poses a threat not only to Ukraine but to the whole of Europe. Therefore, the result of this war must be the complete defascization and denazification of totalitarian Russia in order to secure a peaceful future on the European continent completely eradicating Russian revisionism.


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