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Multi-citizenship as a threat to Ukrainian statehood

These days, it became known that the Verkhovna Rada intends to consider the draft law No. 2590, submitted to the Parliament by the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky.Thus, Zelensky seeks, as he says, "to unite 65 million Ukrainians" in the world. The Parliament was supposed to consider the draft law, but the negative conclusion of the Main Scientific and Expert Department of the Verkhovna Rada prevented it. Experts from the Office quite reasonably prove that the new Law "will potentially lead to the spread of cases of "legalized" multiple (dual) citizenship in Ukraine and will create certain risks for the national security of Ukraine, given that our state is now in a state of actual war with the Russian Federation."The Main Scientific and Expert Department points out that it is only possible to change the legislation on citizenship by making changes to the Constitution. This requires the conclusion of the Constitutional Court and support for the initiative in two sessions of the Parliament, and in general it should be supported by a constitutional majority of 300 votes. But the presidential draft law proposes to change the principles of citizenship acquisition, bypassing the Constitution. The presidential draft law does not contain direct references to dual (multiple) citizenship or bipatrides.[1] First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, Ruslan Stefanchuk suggests that the final discussion on the draft law No. 2590 "On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine on Ctizenship" will be held until the autumn. According to the correspondent of Ukrinform, this opinion was expressed by the politician on the TV channel "Ukraine 24". "I think that maybe in autumn, we can hold a final discussion, and those issues will be taken into account when finalizing this draft law," Stefanchuk said.[2]

Co-Chairman of the "Pravoe Delo", Dmitriy Snegirev said: "First of all, the adoption of this draft law will actually legalize Russian passports issued to residents of ORDLO. According to the leadership of the General Administration for Migration Issues of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation, Valentina Kozakova, 227 thousand residents of the occupied regions of Donetsk and Luhansk regions received Russian citizenship in 2019. If the draft law on dual citizenship is adopted and "Servant of the People" party will be able to hold local elections scheduled for October this year simultaneously on the territory of Ukraine and in ORDLO, then about 20% of the voters of the occupied territories will come to the polling station and vote as citizens of the Russian Federation. In other words, the representative authorities of Ukraine will actually be chosen by citizens of another state.

Another dangerous consequence of the draft law on dual citizenship is the fact that by mass distribution of passports of the Russian Federation, the Kremlin actually legalizes the militants and their military presence in ORDLO. In addition, the current passport campaign will allow Vladimir Putin to claim that the rights of Russian citizens are violated in Ukraine. Other states, especially Romania, Hungary and Poland, will start issuing their passports to Ukrainians living in border areas. The draft law on dual citizenship will allow the governments of other states to make territorial claims to Ukraine by mass passportization and will speed up the formation of a "parade of sovereignty" and "separatist enclaves" in the form of self-proclaimed republics in the state. This will create additional tension on the borders and lead to the actual dismemberment of Ukraine. It won't be a direct military conflict, but a creation of so-called "autonomies" will be decided at local "referendums" by holders of foreign passports".[3]

Thus, the adoption of the draft law No. 2590 "On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine on Citizenship" is a very wrong decision, which could undermine the Ukrainian statehood. A dangerous situation will emerge in Ukraine, in which people will refuse to have a single citizenship. And as mentioned earlier, "fifth column" will be legalized, Russification, Romanianization and Hungarianization of the population of Ukraine will intensify. «Russian world» will get legal opportunities to spread its influence throughout Ukraine.

Although "Servant of the People" party justifies that such practices are used in more than 60 states, no one imposes citizenship of another state there, or unleashes military aggression against them or encroaches on their territory, as Russia does. In addition, citizens who have multi-citizenship will have the obligation to serve in the army of another country. Thus, the statehood of other states can be imposed on Ukraine, and deputies who have foreign citizenship will have the opportunity and civic duty to implement the interests of foreign states against the interests of the Ukrainian state. And if now it is considered a crime against Ukraine, then with the adoption of this law it will become legitimate. It is also a mistake to believe that the draft law will allow to return employees to Ukraine, because employees take passports of foreign states with the intention of permanent residence in them, not in Ukraine. Therefore, given such destructive consequences for Ukrainian statehood and national security, attempts to adopt this draft law can be regarded as criminal intent.


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