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ANALYSIS OF THE ASSESSMENT QUESTIONNAIRES OF THE «INTERNATIONAL WEEKLY», prepared by the Foreign Policy Research Institute in 2019 (The Resistance to Russian hybrid war)

In the analysis of the Resistance to Russian hybrid war, main focus was on topics:

  • "Steinmeier Formula" as a source of civil confrontation in Ukraine;
  • Russia’s demand for compensations for Crimea is only a propaganda;
  • Putin's decree on simplifying the issuance of Russian passports to Ukrainians enshrines a real military occupation of the territories of Donbas by Russian troops and challenges Volodymyr Zelensky;
  • Capture of the ukrainian media space by the Kremlin’s "5th column" is a threat to the national security of Ukraine;
  • Russia’s global information war on discrediting Ukraine finds supporters in European capitals.

Analysis of the Assessment Questionnaires leaded to the following conclusions:

1. In general, most readers of "International Weekly" are well aware with the topic "Resistance to Russian hybrid war". 10 % of respondents rated their knowledge "not very good".  None of the respondents chose "know nothing", "I am not interested in this topic".

2. Herewith, respondents believe that the "International Weekly" issues are useful in general to improve the reader’s awareness of the «Resistance to Russian hybrid war».

3. In general, the quality of analytical materials "International Weekly" readers rated "very good" and "good" by 50% and 43 % respectively. 7% of readers chose the answer "satisfactory". None of the respondents chose "poor" and "very poor" answers.

Summing up, we can conclude that the work of the Foreign Policy Research Institute for the preparation of analytical issues of "International Weekly" in 2019 was carried out quite successfully. High quality rated by readers and effectiveness of "International Weekly" to improve their awareness on topics "Ukraine-EU relations", "Foreign Policy of Ukraine" and "The Resistance to Russian hybrid war" is especially important, given the high professional level and training of the majority of readers.

The analysis of the readers' questionnaires also determined the directions of work to further improve the efficiency of "International Weekly", in particular, the expansion of the topic of analysis of the relevant aspects of Foreign Policy of Ukraine. The FPRI also continues to expand the readership of International Weekly.